Brown Rice Green Tea




Brown Rice Green Tea or Geinmacha  is an Organic product of Harada Tea Japan made with Green Tea Leaves and Brown Rice that are prepared in tea bags to be consumed easily by customers.
Geinmacha has a different flavor than the normal Green.

It also contains Manganese, Vitamin B, Fiber and Iron. It has the benefits of helping with having a good skin, Fat burning, cholesterol, mouth breath, relaxation, memory and immune system, because it contains Vitamin C, Theanine and Catechin.

This tea is sometimes blended with Matcha for extra flavor and a deep sweetness.

Brand: Harada

Harada Tea is devoted to offer a rich and safe tea, cultivated in our in-house farms and processed in our factories using cutting- edge technology.

During our 100 years history, Harada Tea has developed strategic advantages in flexibility, speed, traceability, high quality standards and automation.

We want to offer you our creativity in response to your needs.

Harada Tea, are dedicated to offering the best Japanese Green Tea to the world.

Beautiful color, rich aroma, deep flavor…Japanese green tea can be described many ways.

The culture surrounding green tea emphasizes the relation between “serenity” and “enjoing the moment”.

The tea leaves were procured from each individual area all have specific characteristics. A highly trained tea masters, sometimes called ‘chashi’, take all of this into account when roasting and blending the tea. Chashi blend tea leaves from different origins, different cultivars, and different levels of steaming to accentuate the positives of each tea and create products with a fine balance. The blending process  is called ‘gogumi’. Harada has 100 years of tea experience, and the quality and taste of every product we make is assured to satisfy even the most strict of our tea masters.


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