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Harada Tea

With a history of 100 years, Harada Tea is a company deeply rooted in Shizuoka prefecture, near Mt Fuji.

A large part of our tea comes from company owned tea gardens in Shizuoka and Yakushima, and we can procure any kind of Japanese tea at any grade.

We, at Harada Tea, are dedicated to offering the best Japanese Green Tea to the world.

Beautiful color, rich aroma, deep flavor…Japanese green tea can be described many ways.

The culture surrounding green tea emphasizes the relation between “serenity” and “enjoing the moment”.

Harada Tea is devoted to offer a rich and safe tea, cultivated in our in-house farms and processed in our factories using cutting- edge technology.

During our 100 years history, Harada Tea has developed strategic advantages in flexibility, speed, traceability, high quality standards and automation.

We want to offer you our creativity in response to your needs.


Houjicha usually contains the stems and leaves,roasted at high temperature. Houjicha features a distinctive aroma. Due to lower caffeine levels, this tea is widely enjoyd by elderly and children.


Brown rice is roasted and mixed with green tea, giving a sweet and savory taste to Genmaicha. This tea is sometimes blended with Matcha for extra flavor and a deep sweetness.


Matcha is one of the most famous element of Japanese culture worldwide. This powder is made from green tea that has covered before harvesting. Matcha characterized by its unique taste, a rare combination of sweetness,bitterness and Umami. Matcha is used not only as a drink, but also in cooking. Harada Tea’s Matcha is cultivated in our in-house farms, and processed in our own factories. It gives Harada Tea an overwhelming competitive advantage to offer you Matcha as raw material.

Did you know ?

Matcha is full of nutrients and has numerous health benefits. It contains a healthy mix of magnesium, calcium, vitamins, and antioxidants, to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is also said to help burn fat thanks to catechin. In addition, Matcha’s unique combination of theanine and caffeine has a relaxing and refreshing effect.

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